Why you need a visa agency to process your Angola visa

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If you are thinking about travelling to Angola for tourism, family visit, business, or work, consider using UKAngola as your visa representative. We are the leading visa agency for Angolan visas in London. We have been accredited by the Angolan Consulate in London for over a decade and can lodge and collect your visa. Our staff is experienced, bilingual in English and Portuguese, adequately trained, and has assisted with thousands of Angolan visas. Our knowledge of Angola, native speakers, experience, and core business exclusively with the Angolan Consulate in London make us the perfect partner to efficiently process your Angolan visa. A benefit to you is avoiding queues and visits to the Angolan consulate.

The main role of a visa agency is to assist clients with traveling from one country to another country with advice on legal matters and documentation to  complete the process smoothly with experienced and bilingual professionals (speakers of the official language of the embassy/consulate). Visa services essentially take most of the paperwork out of applying for a visa to visit a certain country and the case is the same for Angola. A visa agency assists with identifying and applying for the correct visa and expedites the visa process.

The applicant will typically be asked to fill in the Angolan visa application form (editable form available here), and mail or bring the original signed form with his passport valid for at least 9 months, standard photos for visa (available here), and a letter of employment (LOE/LOG), letter of invitation (LOI), a copy of a yellow fever certificate, travel itinerary, and proof of address (samples available here) to the visa agency. Some of the documents can be scanned and emailed to the visa agency.

On receipt of the documents and planned date of traveling the visa agency will lodge the visa package and endeavour to have the visa issued a day before the planned date of traveling. The visa agency will check the correctness of the issued visa, details, and dates. On confirmation it will email the visa to the applicant and the applicant’s company. The visa agency will either deliver the passport and visa to the applicant by courier or to a hotel, home, office, or airport on the day of the issuance of the visa or on the day of the trip at a meet and greet. For meet and greets the visa agency will provide the names and mobile numbers of the personnel who will hand over the passport with the visa. If the documents are delivered by courier, the agency will supply a tracking number and track the parcel until the applicant receives them.

The length of time for an Angolan visa (typically a short term visa – STV) will depend on the planned date of traveling and the visa being issued a day before or on the day of traveling. The applicant or the applicant’s company tells us when they want the visa, and the visa will be processed and issued accordingly.

Call or email the visa agency and the agency will send you the list of requirements and documents needed, where to send the originals, and which ones can be emailed. The agency will confirm receipt of the documents, advise if anything is missing, and ask for the planned date of traveling. Visas are issued by the Angolan Consulate in London. Angola allows British citizens to use more than one passport for visas for Angola.

By employing us you will only have to sign and date the relevant page of the visa form and we will liaise with your company to get all the necessary documentation for your visa to be issued smoothly and you to arrive in Angola on time.