Angola New International Airport Located in the Zaire Province

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Airport Located in the Zaire Province

Angola’s government’s commitment to mark Angola’s spot on the global stage as an international tourist destination is illustrated by the announcement of the construction of the Mbanza Kongo International Airport in Angola’s Province of Zaire and set to be complete in 2025, according to the Government of Angola.

The airport will host domestic and international airline carriers, which will be an important infrastructure to support the oil industry and increase tourism in the province. The new airport will be capable of handling a Boeing 777-300ER – one of the world’s largest commercial carriers. The opening of the new airport in the Zaire province showcases another step that aligns with the government’s efforts to modernise and expand infrastructure to support economic diversification and consolidate its tourism industry.

Founded in April 1961, Zaire province is one of the 18 provinces of Angola. The province of Zaire is located between the Atlantic Ocean in the west, in the north it borders the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the east with the province of Uíge, and in the south with the province of Bengo. The province falls within the transition zone and is characterised by its flat terrain.

Furthermore, it is notable that it is the Zaire province where in 1483 the Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão disembarked, which paved the way for the export of slaves from the Kingdom of Congo. This province comprises the following municipalities: Mbanza Kongo, Soyo, Nzeto, Cuimba, Noqui, Tomboco.

Zaire province offers a lot more than its colonial history having some of the country’s best-kept tourist attractions such as:

zua cave

The historic Zua Evua Cave is over a thousand years old and recognised as a national cultural heritage, known as a place shrouded in mystery, myth, and legend.

In Zaire tourists can enjoy the beautiful encounter between the waters of the sea and the waters of the Zaire Rive the second longest river in Africa  home to abundant natural resources and boasts a rich biodiversity. It also plays a large role in economically supporting fishing, agriculture, and hydroelectric power generation.zaire rive
MuseumHistoric monument “Museum Kulumbimbi” where you can learn about the former Kings of Congo such as the dwelling of the king of Mbanza Congo

Soyo is a coastal city located in Zaire that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture offering a lot for visitors.


As seen above Zaire offers a wide range of tourist attractions, this alongside its breathtaking sight demonstrates why Zaire province is considered to be the cultural heritage of Angola. Unfortunately, Angola still faces many challenges for tourists such as means of payment thus, always carry cash in hand either to pay for your hotel stay, restaurant, or if you go to an informal market. However, the development of the airport shows a promising future for tourism in the Zaire province.