What is the right visa that allows you to work in Angola?

What is the right visa that allows you to work in Angola?

What is the right visa that allows you to work in Angola?

Bureaucracy can be a nightmare let alone when you have to navigate it when you have tight schedules to complete timely maintenance on your equipment in different locations worldwide.

When it comes to working in Angola, unsure what to do? No worries UKAngola specialises in simplifying the process on your behalf aiming to alleviate complications and stress.

Our bilingual and experienced team efficiently will handle all aspects of your visa process, requiring you only to provide us the necessary supporting documentations and we will do the needful for you to meet your planned schedule maintenance in time.

As it is known the oil industry in Angola is dynamic and demanding. Skilled Service providers are required to send their personnel for maintenance for their equipment on the job. This comes the bureaucracy in particularly getting the right visa and for Angola you have two visas to consider:

– Short Term Visa (STV Visa)

– ⁠Work Visa (Long Term Visa)

On this occasion the blog will focus solely on the Short-Term Visa (STV Visa) and our next blog will discuss the process for applying and needing of Work Visa (Long Term Visa).

If your company requires to send your personnel to Angola to carry out maintenance of equipments Onshore/Offshore onboard a Rig or an FPSO or any workshop work related to the oil industry in Angola we recommend you apply for a Short-Term Visa (often known as STV Visa) for short term assignment and to travel offshore.

Short Term Visa – knowing as STV Visa once issued is valid for 10 days and it is extendable for a further 10 days in country (the 10 extension must be processed by the company you are working for in Angola).

In other words you can carry out your assignment in Angola for 20 days upon entry Angola. However, if you overstay there is no issues as you will be fined for each day you overstay and the company you are undertake the work for will be responsible to pay the fine for the overstay. As part of the process, you will need to provide the needed documentation, and on the link below you will find the full list of requirements and sample supporting documentation for your information: https://ukangola.com/angolan-visas/stv/

In recent time many companies are using E-Visa, which is not the appropriate visa for Expats entering Angola to work (it was allowed during COVID in exceptional circumstances). The E-Visa is only for travellers who are travelling to Angola for tourism and business(meetings) not to engage in any remuneration activities as doing so you are breaking Angola laws. To ensure a smooth journey to working in Angola engage UKAngola to handle the process with ease.

Look out for our next blog which will deal with the process needing for Angola Work Visa (also known as Long Term Visa).