How to travel to Angola with Ease

Travel to Angola

How to travel to Angola with Ease

Your Guide to the Angola Free Tourist E-Visa Exemption

Embarking on a journey to Angola?  Discover the key facets of the free Tourist E-Visa instituted by presidential decree in 2023 Presidential Decree aligning with Angola economic diversification and tourism promotion strategy.

Find three points to consider when intending to travel to Angola on an E-Visa:

  1. Multiple-Entry Convenience:

Enjoy the flexibility of a multiple-entry E-Visa, granted for 30 days. Extend your stay twice each extension equivalent of 30 days, reaching a maximum of 90 days in a single calendar year.

  1. Purposeful Usage:

Holders are restricted from engage in formal work, establishing residence or engaging in any remunerated activities. The E-Visa is exclusively for tourism and business meetings only.

  1. Timely Application:

Qualify for the E-Visa? And to ensure a smooth journey apply in advance with assistance available for the application process. Additionally, guarantee a hassle-free experience by having a passport valid for 6-9 months before travel.

As CNN International nominations Angola as the must-visit destination for 2024 embrace this adventure responsibly. Whether navigating through oil industry nuances or simply exploring the rich culture and beautiful scenery compliance is key.

The E-Visa caters specifically to those with a penchant for tourism and exploratory business, not permitting remunerator work or offshore activities.

Partner with UKAngola for a seamless assistance ensuring your journey to Angola aligns seamlessly with Angolan government regulations. Travel to Angola with confidence knowing that you have a dedicated ally in navigating the intricacies of your E-Visa journey.