Angola Elects 7 Provinces as Top Tourism Destination

Angola Top Tourism Destination

Angola has been dubbed as “Africa’s last great travel mystery” due to its breathtaking landscapes, and stunning beaches. Despite boasting an array of attractions, its tumultuous history of conflict has deterred many tourists from visiting.  However, recent initiatives such as the waiver of visa and fees for nationals of 98 countries coupled with the election of the top tourism destination in 2024 by CNN International have begun to reshape perceptions as Angola is becoming increasingly recognised as a must visit tourist destination. Although despite increasing in tourist visitors, it remains a very niche destination as the country grapples with internal challenges that impede its potential as a tourist hotspot. Consequently, Angolan authorities assessed the prevailing conditions on the ground to enhance the country’s readiness for welcoming more tourists.

In the face of battling Angola’s infrastructure constraints like roads, hotels, and electricity several provinces have been able to mitigate these issues and develop all these infrastructures. This coupled with the free tourist visa waiver for foreign nationals of 98 countries, which allows them now to welcome foreign and domestic tourists which it means that they are now ready than ever to welcome tourists. The development of infrastructures resulted in the selection of the following 7 provinces – namely: Huila, Benguela, Luanda, Namibe, Malanje, Cuando Cubango, and Zaire as priority destinations for tourists, as they have quality roads and hotels, considered by the Angolan authorities as strategic tourist resources in addition addition to their own potential have also met the following criteria:

– Good road access

– ⁠Quality Hotels, Guesthouses and Residential

The Angola Institute for Tourism Promotion Institute (INFORTUR) views the above indicators as essential resources to attract tourists to these provinces. The remaining provinces will be incorporated once they fulfill INFORTUR’s standard as outlined above in order to be elevated to the category of the elected 7 provinces.

Places to visit in Huila, Benguela, Luanda, Namibe, Malanje, Cuando Cubango, and Zaire. Each have its natural beauty for tourists to explore and possess miles (except with the exception of Cuando Cubango, Malanje and Huila) of must visit remote beaches including the Baía dos Tigres and the Kissama National Park and spectacular natural wonders like Tundavala, Kalundula GAP, Serra da Leba Mountain. Additionally, the majestic Kalandula Falls in the Malanje province is an impressive sight in Angola being 105 meters high and 400 meters wide making it one of the largest waterfalls in Africa. As well as the national and cultural monument in the Namibe province, the historic mystery caves in Zaire, which are UNESCO “Heritage of Humanity”.

Angola offers a wealth of natural beauty waiting to be explored.

Great accessible transport further enhances the tourist experience as from Luanda travelers can easily access most of these provinces by air with TAAG. TAAG is the national carrier airline that covers most provinces with domestic flights. Additionally, a network of public bus transportation connects these provinces, offering an alternative means of travel. Locally, taxi services similar to Uber are available in most provinces, ensuring convenient transportation for tourists. These recent developments signal the country’s commitment to developing its tourism sector.

However, challenges persist, particularly in telecommunication infrastructure, hindering consistent internet access and acceptance of visa credit cards in most hotels. Moreover, the availability of accommodations on booking platforms like Bookings and Airbnb remains limited, complicating the reservation process for tourists. Health concerns also warrant attention, with travelers advised to obtain necessary immunizations against tropical diseases prevalent in Angola before embarking on their journey. Despite this Angola’s potential as a tourist destination remains promising. By leveraging its natural and cultural assets, investing in infrastructure, and fostering a welcoming environment for visitors, Angola can position itself as a compelling destination for travelers seeking adventure, cultural immersion, and unique experiences.

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