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Welcome to our FAQ page.

Hopefully you will find the answers to your visa application questions here.

Where do I get the application forms from and can you help me to complete it? 2017-06-13T17:42:27+01:00

Application forms can be printed off from our site or posted to you if you do not have a printer. If you need help completing the forms then that is no problem we are here to help you.

Are there any hidden fees to pay that I should know about? 2017-06-13T17:42:12+01:00

No, all fees on our site cover all visa and service courier fees.

I want to apply for a visa that is not available on your site, what can I do? 2017-06-13T17:41:57+01:00

The visas that are advertised on our site tend to be the most popular, in the event of one not listed please contact us and we can normally make an exception.

How can I check the progress of my application? 2017-06-13T17:41:41+01:00

You can contact us either by phone or email, we are nearly always available to help you.

I’m worried about posting my application to you? 2017-06-13T17:41:26+01:00

Please don’t worry as we do no use ordinary post, special delivery is used along with private couriers through mailboxes etc. Once received all applications are taken by hand to the relevant embassy and collected when ready.

Are photos required? 2017-06-13T17:41:05+01:00

Yes, passport size photos are required with the application.

Do children have to pay for visas? 2017-06-13T17:40:50+01:00

Yes, all passport holders will have to pay the same fees for a visa regardless of age.

My passport pages are nearly full, will this be a problem? 2017-06-13T17:40:34+01:00

Please make sure you have at least 2 blank pages in your passport, otherwise you will need to apply for a new passport.

How long must I have left on my passport to apply for a visa? 2017-06-13T17:40:18+01:00

A minimum of 6 months after the date you require the visa for.

Will UKAngola charge me if my application is rejected? 2017-06-13T17:40:03+01:00


What if my application is turned down by the embassy? 2017-06-13T17:39:48+01:00

If an application is refused by the embassy we will contact the customer immediately. We attempt to get any additional information requested by the embassy as quickily as possible to resolve any problems.

Do you arrange a meet and greet service at UK airports? 2017-06-13T17:39:32+01:00

If required we can deliver passports to the London airports only. There is a fee, call for more details.

Do I need to send my existing passport with my application? 2017-06-13T17:39:10+01:00

Yes – You must send your passport with your visa application.

Do I need to send any payment with my application? 2017-06-13T17:38:54+01:00

Payment must be sent with your application, either by cheque or call us with your debit/credit card details.

How should I send my application to you? 2017-06-13T17:38:38+01:00

By post – Royal Mail next day special delivery or other secure mail couriers.

Do embassies open at the weekends? 2017-06-13T17:38:19+01:00

Passport offices are open on Saturday mornings only and appointments are requested. Embassies are closed at weekends.

How does UKAngola obtain a visa for me? 2017-06-13T17:38:02+01:00

UKAngola will lodge your completed visa application, and other required documents, to the embassy on your behalf.

What is a visa? 2017-06-13T17:37:46+01:00

A Visa is a document issued by a foreign country that provides permission for you to gain entry into that country. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not a travel visa is required for your upcoming trip.

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