What if the embassy rejects my application?

If the embassy rejects an application, we will contact the customer immediately. We will attempt to get additional information requested by the embassy as quickly as possible to resolve problems.

What if the embassy rejects my application?2021-06-22T13:56:59+01:00

Do embassies open at weekends?

Passport offices are open on Saturday mornings and appointments are required. Embassies are closed at weekends.

Do embassies open at weekends?2021-06-22T13:54:15+01:00

How does UKAngola obtain a visa for me?

UKAngola will lodge your complete visa application and other required documents to the Consulate on your behalf.

How does UKAngola obtain a visa for me?2021-06-22T13:53:54+01:00

What is a visa?

A visa is a document issued by a foreign country that permits you to enter the country. You are responsible for determining whether a travel visa is required for your trip.

What is a visa?2021-06-22T13:53:34+01:00
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