About Us

Our Mission & Philosophy


Our close engagement with clients from initial consultation through advice to implementation is what makes us unique in our field. With UKAngola you get peace of mind from our in-depth understanding of your business, our ability to deliver a timely, professional turnkey service, and our ongoing monitoring of new legislation and how it specifically affects you.

Travel management means providing quantifiable corporate value as well as producing the outstanding service demanded by today’s travellers’ and in-house travel departments. UKAngola is a established force on Angola travel management. Our background, and strong bureaucratic understand of Angola polity enable us to offer formidable services to our clients and to make sure they always get the best services and always the best value because our client’s are at the heart of our business, and on everything we do.

We have built a reputation for providing the fastest processing and delivery time of Angolan visas in the UK with a high standard of personal service.

Our Mission

UKAngola aims to be recognised as a leading travel management company to Angola through the profitable fusion of professionalism and reliability. We will continue to maintain our level of service excellence through delivering a unique and individual service to clients.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is to guarantee that our clients’ Angolan travel needs work at their best. To achieve this aim we balance our local know how, commercial background and practical approach, to consistently improve the effectiveness of our clients’ travel needs.

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